Public letters from the past

Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from January 14th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, i'm a little bit emotional writing this to you . mostly because right now i have a lot on my shoulders, starting to work for going to the academy and getting my life together isnt that easy. i'm 17 right now, turning 18 in august . tbh i knew i wouldn't be excited to get here . everyone wants to grow up and do their big people things, and for me it feels a little overwhelimg, mo...

Time Travelled — over 18 years

Gudday from a younger you

Dear David So we've made it to 75 and email (of some sort) still exists. Well done us. Perhaps it's because I kept going to gym which I started two weeks ago. Perhaps not! So how is the future? Petabyte wristwatches yet? Do you still have wristwatches or have you finally had the whole lot embedded and connected directly to the brain and optic nerves? Back in 2006, Pauline is three week...

Time Travelled — over 19 years


Dear FutureMe, Women, well, they are... impossible, don't waste your time, dont marry them, dont spend money on them, just **** them, thats all it comes down too. If your still doing this in your 38 years of existance, well, to be frank, your the man... and if your doing this to more than five women a month, you wear the serious bling, and own your own plastic surgery clinic, and have the ...

Time Travelled — about 17 years

You go up to Space yet you Lazy Monkey.

Dear FutureMe, Did you go Space Yet or what? get off your butt and go bounce on the moon -what the hell is keeping you - too expensive? You need some space buddies. Aliens land yet? - did you get their help go to Space and fly around Mars. Because you know you needed them damn pesky aliens to come down and whisk you off. NASA have their thumb up their ass and deny any real leaps in technol...

Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from June 5th, 2020

Dear Spencer, You may or may not still be working within the corporate world. It's only been my fourth day at the office but its quite a lot to adjust to. The whole 9-5, American dream. We've always been conflicted within ourself. Of who we are, what we think we are supposed to do that makes us happy. Who others want to us to be. What we the world and society tells us we are supposed to be a...

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