Public letters from the past

These letters include an Epilogue, which is an update written by the original author after receiving their letter from the past. When enough people "Like" a letter, we'll let the author know readers are interested in an update.

Time Travelled — 6 months

A letter from Mar 28, 2023

Dear FutureMe, I hope that 6 months from now you would have attained the weight gold that you have set for yourself, not because you have to but because you wanted to . I hope that you find yourself in a better space of mind and that you know that you're blessed and loved in every way . I hope you never forget the people you love dearly ,and I hope you never forget to love yourself the most fi...

Time Travelled — about 4 years

A letter from May 12th, 2020

Dear FutureMe, Eğer hâlâ aynı e-mail adresini kullanıyorsan helal olsun çünkü 6.sınıfta açtın bu e-maili şuan sana sadece önceden yapmak istediğin hedefleri yazacağım buraya ve sen bunu okuduğunda "ben bu hedeflerin hepisini gerçekleştirdim." diyeceksin. Sen yani büyük ben böyle deyince bir gario oldu hzjsjsuzhsu neyse sen fit olacaksın. 4 dil bileceksin (ingilizce, türkçe, almanca, korece). D...

Time Travelled — 6 months

A letter from Jan 17, 2024

Dear FutureMe, heyy i hope your doing well. i’m doing amazingggggg!! i’m dating jayden heheheh i honestly can’t believe it though cause i liked him for like 6 months or something before he texted me it’s crazy omggggg i like him a bit hopefully you are still with him in 6 months causeeweseeee i don’t want you guys to break up at alllll pls tell me that u guys are more comfortable with eacho...

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Jul 18, 2023

Dear FutureMe, 25, wow really cool that I’ve made it this far. It’s July 18th, 2023 today. A day after my 24th birthday and I’m very grateful for the life I have and how far I’ve come. I can truly feel myself becoming more aware of the type of person I am becoming and shift the things that don’t help me to become a better version of myself. Compared to last year I was so incredibly lost and I ...

Time Travelled — almost 2 years

A letter from December 6th, 2020

Merhaba Refika! Bu gün 6 Aralık Pazar. Bu siteyi instagramda gördüm ve denemek istedim. Umarım covid-19 bitmiştir, "umarım!" Okullar hala kapalı ve uzaktan eğitim görüyoruz. Biliyor musun Animeler bana çok datlu gelmeye başladı😂 benim favorilerim Todoroki, Levi ve Bokugou. 8. Sınıfın 1. Dönemi umarım teşekkür alırım. Hiç umudum yok ama...😅 Bunu okuduğumda acaba neler hissedeceğim hiç bir fikr...

Time Travelled — almost 1 year

A letter from Jul 17, 2023

Dear FutureMe, Hello. How are you doing? I know, maybe you don't wanna see this letter. I just wanted to remind you, that no matter what, please don't give up. You still have so much to do, so even if you feel horrible, continue trying new things (etc..) Do you still like south park? Do you still use your alexa? I've had a good birthday. I hope you have a good birthday too. Happy birth...

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from June 12th, 2020

Dear FutureMe, it is currently the 12th of june 2020. the worst year out of the 12 i have lived. crazy isn't even the word for the monstrosity this world has become. what we have become. a global pandemic, protests and riots, deaths of innocent men children and women. yet positivity over laps the negative. hi. im olivia grace garland, you reading this one year on. at this moment in time i am o...

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