Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Sep 14th, 2021

Sep 14, 2021 Sep 14, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

I'm yourself of the past 1 year ago. I just want to say whatever is happening to you at the present, sooner or later, it'll be fine, and you'll grow more maturely. Only 1 thing I'd love to remind you is that dont ever lose your true and kind self, I know you'll be always a girl who easy to get vulnerable, you'd cry when you watch some touchy movies or meet any moment that can touch your soul, you'd smile when you feel happy or just simply a fun thing, you'd become mad or even "rude" when you suddenly see something is not right that you cant accept it, or sometimes you may get nervous about something that you're not sure if you can do it or not, or you may feel struggled when you get stuck in any obstacles,... All of your feelings are reflecting your own self at a time, and you dont need to hide or throw any of them away, you are a right and good person of yourself, if you can still keep your beloved man beside you, that's great, if not, I believe you, or I myself, can confidently keep moving on since you already learnt many precious lessons on your life path, someone whose love is strong and patient enough will stay ;) Let see if my present guy now can do it or not, okay? :3

And...yeah, that's all I want to tell you my future me (at least for now), how are you then? Remember to updating your latest news and tell me detail of your soul, I'd like to check how far I've been going ... Lol, you know my type of person, right? Lol

See you then, I still have some more challenge that I was crazy to come up this idea and thats how you can receive this email, haha

Your cute-kind-and-slight-but-a-bit-mad self :'>
Cool night at 2:43 am, Sep 15, 2021

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