Time Travelled — about 17 years

You go up to Space yet you Lazy Monkey.

Aug 01, 2006 Aug 15, 2023

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Did you go Space Yet or what? get off your butt and go bounce on the moon -what the hell is keeping you - too expensive? You need some space buddies. Aliens land yet? - did you get their help go to Space and fly around Mars. Because you know you needed them damn pesky aliens to come down and whisk you off. NASA have their thumb up their ass and deny any real leaps in technology.They still Bullshitting people?? If you did go - How was it? Dark and Spacey hey.. thats what I thought. did you take some pictures with some new kind of 3D Camera. Good job -I will start looking forward to it now. Later Space Cadet. (Happy Birthday by the way)


10 months ago

Wow this is sooo cute and old btw how old are you now like 40s?


10 months ago

You make me gain confidence lol


10 months ago

Happy birthday OP🥳


10 months ago

happy birthday!!! i hope you made it to space!!! :)


10 months ago

Awww I hope you did kiddo.


10 months ago

Happy birthday!!🎉✨ did you made it?😱😮


10 months ago

feliz cumpleaños! espero q hayas llegado a la luna!


10 months ago

were there aliens


10 months ago

This is incredible 👏


10 months ago

happy bday!!!!!

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