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Real Letters: You are enough

Sent Jan 16 2021. Time travelled 12 months.

Published Mar 1st, 2022

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Dear FutureMe, I hope you are doing okay.

I learned how much the Past year (2020) was hard for a lot of people, and so do I. From Covid, to a lot of anxiety attacks, also crying much more than usual, work and everything... For me, it's been really hard to stay focused whether it’s on physical health but also mental health. But this year has also brought me so many new great things! I've had to try things I didn't know i was capable of. I’ve find out that i can take care of myself, i am organized, i am truly tenacious and I love my body/myself more than ever! That is so beautiful and i cannot believe how far I've come, it's so great <3 !

Now I’m aware of how I allow people to comprehend me ;) I can meet people easily. So that's how i got to meet my first boyfriend, my second one and then the third one: the best one so far. He's been more thoughtful and caring than every guy I've ever met. He said to me "i would go anywhere for you, i am crazy about you. I freaking love you body, your soul"(if i remember correctly). He is my very first love: i am already so much in love with him, even though we've been together for 3 months now.

I seriously hope that we will continue this relationship. But if it's not the case, acknowledge that you have to have faith in yourself and be more confident. Admit it! if you're on your own, it doesn't matter anymore. And you do not have to be with someone to love yourself! You can be successful, careful, open-minded and enough, by yourself!

It's okay to not have someone. I understand that society puts pressure about sex, relationships... But we don't care about society right? Don't worry, YOU ARE ENOUGH. That's important. Having a boy/girlfriend is not essential. You can have a wonderful time with yourself ^^

Anyway, i want to give you some advice. First, trust your opinions and your memory because you are unique. So no one can belittle you. Be careful about how you throw your energy to people: take some time for yourself and sleep. Then, work-related, it's okay if it's not perfect: you will be a great nurse because you've got it! If you're not all the time productive, seize this as an opportunity to dance, listen to some good music, sleep, draw, stretch, go out or run.…

I am thankful to be alive, to be loved, to be healthy.I hope I am still going to crush a such awaited year

Love, E.